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Welcome to Chamberlain - Oacoma...

                                                                   As a long-time resident of Brule County and a proud                                                                         graduate of Chamberlain High School, I am familiar                                                                         with the Chamberlain-Oacoma area and surrounding                                                                       communities. My love for and interest in real estate                                                                         began many years ago and continues to grow every                                                                         day. I have passed both the Real Estate Principal and                                                                       Practices course and the Responsible Brokers course                                                                     and am a full service Realtor.



I would love to help you in the speedy and hassle-free sale of your existing property or assist you in the search for your dream home. I can represent you both as a Seller of a property and as a Buyer looking for a property. I co-op with most Brokers in the Chamberlain-Oacoma area and can show you many of the properties that are listed for sale. 

"I'm not just selling houses - I'm selling dreams."


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